200 Calories. This is What it Looks Like.

We’ve talked about “Calories In & Calories Out” before, and today we’d like to help with some visual aid.  The nutritional facts on the labels of our food can surprise a lot of people.  Some foods don’t look like they’d contain so many calories, and others really aren’t carrying that much.  Below are some foods that you might encounter in your daily life, all presented in portions that amount to 200 Calories.

15 - i0cDhku 14 - A2lwETn 13 - sCJ0Pku 12 - x2lUzjp 11 - rJ9eBsU 10 - PH9h57D 09 - n263RD5 08 - AzlWbOq 07 - U2GMcvd 06 - WHUT0iA 05 - MU46t5q 04 - 9mJSo1d 03 - erj1iAG 02 - TECIIIL 01 - 2SSKOKD

Now, we fully acknowledge that Caloric needs vary from person to person.  Someone who plays multiple sports and loves skateboarding in his free time is going to need more Calories than someone who loves writing stories and playing video games, and thus spends many hours of each day seated and sedentary.  Keep in mind what you and your family members NEED, because it’s often different from what we WANT.

We’d like to thank WiseGeek for their wonderful photographs and for helping us answer an often-asked question!


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